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Dover Behavioral Health System
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The Joint Commission


Partial Hospitalization Program for Adults and Adolescents


Anyone who needs support in transitioning from inpatient psychiatric care or requires more intensive services than those offered in traditional outpatient therapy will benefit from Dover Behavioral Health's Partial Hospital Program. Our day program is available to adults and adolescents.

The Partial Hospital Programs are tailored differently to ensure that activities and therapies reflect the specific stage of life needs of each individual. Both the Adolescent & Adult Partial Hospital Programs are offered weekdays from 9:00am to 3:00pm, providing intensive therapeutic assistance for individuals who need support as they strive to achieve a satisfying and productive life at home, in the work place, or school and in the community. Evening Chemical Dependency Partial Programs are offered on weekdays.

Program elements include:

  • Comprehensive Individual Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Stabilization
  • Dual Diagnosis Programming
  • Academic instruction provided to Adolescents
  • Daily Psycho-educational and Group Therapy as well as Skills Training
  • Family Sessions
  • Allied Therapies, including Art Therapy
  • Follow-up with outpatient providers
  • Personalized Discharge and Aftercare Plans

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