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Our Commitment to Service Excellence

At Dover Behavioral Health System, Service Excellence is the cornerstone of all our customer service activities. All new employees spend three hours on their first day of orientation reviewing this facility standard of care. In defining our customers, we list not only our patients but also anyone we come in contact with during our daily activities such as our patient’s family members, co-workers, visitors, and referral sources. We want everyone we encounter to feel that they are an important partner in delivering the best possible treatment and discharge outcomes for our patients.

Our Service Excellence Standards are defined as follows:

  1. We will Treat Everyone as a Guest
    • Make a positive first impression
    • Anticipate the needs and expectations of all customer groups
    • Display service recovery skills
  2. Demonstrate Professionalism and Excellence in the things I do
    • I deliver excellence that goes beyond department and individual job responsibility
    • I demonstrate professionalism in how I look, what I do, and what I say
    • I am proud to sign my name to what I do
    • I hold myself accountable – I am a positive role model
  3. Practice Teamwork
    • I participate in decision making and process improvement, regardless of my level in the organization
    • I communicate effectively within and beyond my assigned team
    • I focus on the problem or issue, not the person

Upon discharge, each person is asked to complete a patient satisfaction survey. We want your feedback, therefore, if you did not complete a survey at the time of discharge, we have copies available under the resources tab or you may contact the patient advocate. The facility data is reviewed each month by the CEO and senior management team, and then distributed to staff. At Dover Behavioral Health System, we measure to improve our services, not to impress.


Dover Behavioral Health System
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Dover Behavioral Health System
725 Horsepond Rd.
Dover, DE 19901
302.741.0140 or 855-609-9711